Culture & Psychiatry

Monthly Seminar Series for Residents in Psychiatry
Pritzker School of Medicine, The University of Chicago


Bertram J. Cohler, PhD

Timothy McCajor Hall, MD PhD

Tanya Luhrmann, PhD


Syllabus for 2005-2006



Session 1: Cultural Aspects of Trauma

17 Oct 2005


Film excerpt: “Let There be Light”, John Huston, director. (1946)

Documentary of WW II veterans and PTSD.



Session 2: Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity I

21 Nov 2005


Film excerpt: “Paris is Burning.” Jennie Livingston, director (1991) Miramax Films. ASIN: B0009UZGM8.
A documentary of African-American and Latina drag queens in New York City in the 1980s



Fox, Ronald C. (1996) Bisexuality: an examination of theory and research. In: Cabaj, R. P. & Stein, T. S. (Eds.) Textbook of Homosexuality and Mental Health. Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Press.

Hammack, Phillip L. (2005) The Life Course Development of Human Sexual Orientation: an integrative paradigm. Human Development, 48, 267-290.



Session 3: Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity II

19 Dec 2005


Film excerpts: “Torch Song Trilogy” Paul Bogart, director. (1988) New Line Cinema.

“Playing the Part” – documentary by Michelle McCabe about a college senior’s attempts to come out to her parents.
Distributed in VHS as part of “Girlfriends,” a compilation of lesbian short films.



Session 4: Evangelical Christianity and the African-American Family

20 Feb 2006


Video selections. Documentary on evangelical Christianity in the US.



Session 5: Evangelical Christianity 2

20 Mar 2006


Video selections. Documentary on evangelical Christianity in the US, continued.



17 Apr 2006

Session 5: Evangelical Christianity 3: Absorption and Dissociation



Luhrmann, Tanya M. (2005). “The Art of Hearing God: absorption, dissociation, and contemporary American spirituality.” Spiritus 5: 133-157.



Created 22 October 2006. Last updated 22 October 2006.

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