Psychology 2484: Personality: Empirical, Theoretical, & Clinical Perspectives

Professor: Drew Westen
Harvard Department of Psychology & The Cambridge Hospital
Seminars: Mondays, 2:15-4PM.

Fall, 1998

Sept 21: Introduction: What is personality and how do we know it when we see it?

I. Psychodynamic approaches to personality

Sept 28: From dreams to drives

Oct 5: Ego functioning and psychic structure

Oct 12: Columbus Day (Holiday)

Oct 19: Object relations, self psychology, attachment, and relational approaches

II. Trait approaches and the psychometric tradition

Oct 26: Test construction and classical trait theory

Nov 2: The Five Factor Model and the challenge to the trait construct

Nov 9: The challenge to the challenge: Will the real personality please stand up?

Nov 16: Heredity, environment, and evolution

III. Cognitive social approaches

Nov 23: From behavior to cognition

Nov 30: Cognitive science and personality

IV. Humanistic-existential approaches

Dec 7: Rogers, Maslow, and existential theories

V. The cultural context

Dec 11: Culture and personality

Grading will be based on a 10-15-page paper due January 15.

Created: 16 January 1999
Last updated: 28 January 1999