Národopis: Czech and Slovak Ethnography Group

Národopis (Czech and Slovak for “ethnography”) is a list for anthropologists, sociologists, folklorists, and other social scientists interested in Slovakia and Czech Republic, as well as cultural historians working on the former Czechoslovakia. The site and list are especially aimed at ethnographers currently working in Czech and Slovak Republics or on Slovak and Czech topics, to allow discussion of practical and theoretical issues and networking among fieldworkers. The primary list languages are English, Czech, and Slovak. The list tends to be fairly quiet, but has been useful for circulating job and fellowship opportunities and for networking.

Members of this discussion group were major contributors to the special issue of Anthropology of East Europe Review on "Czechs, Slovaks, Roma, and Sorbs" in 2005, now available in expanded form as a book from ibidem-Verlag.

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